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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  July 19, 2011 1:35am-2:10am PDT

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♪ what did we learn on the show tonight craig ♪ [meow] [laughter] craig: you know, i thought this whole wearing sunglasses indoors in a dimly lit studio kind of a dush bag to do, but actually it feels kind of nice, doesn't it? geoff: it does feel nice. craig: makes me feel kind of sleepy. geoff: oh?
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[laughter] craig: what suggestive about saying "i feel sleepy"? geoff: i'd like to go to sleep. craig: you'll go to sleep the minute i unplug you. you know what i mean? by the way, everybody, what we learned on the show tonight was that the liberty bell cracked when it was first rung, right, geoff? geoff: that's true, craig. cbs cares. craig: good night, everybody. good night. [cheers and ap,,,,,,,,
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you're watching cbs5 "eyewitness news" in high definition. police s who shot a chase turns into a deadly gun battle. a community outraged. the evidence police say proves who shot first. america weighs in tonight, polls show who the public is blaming most for bringing the country to the financial edge. >> it's not just in your head. your headache and runny nose is real. how your office could be making you sick. killed, good evening, i'm dana king -- >> i'm ken bastida. san francisco police say they have proof that a teenager they killed fired at them first. >> the 19-year-old had a record and was wanted for questioning in washington. but putting his troubled past
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aside, robert liles shows us many in the bay view district are simply angry that this shooting happened in their neighborhood at all. angryâi'm so >> i'm angry. i'm so angry. >> this weekend's officer- involved shooting seems to have divided the bay view. >> do not interfere with this. >> i'm not condoning what the police did by far. i don't want to see nobody getting hurt but you though, somebody who has a criminal record, how can you -- you know, you can't protect the criminal. >> reporter: that's exactly the picture san francisco police paint of kenneth harding, already convicted of the rape of a minor and an attempt to force that 14-year-old girl into prostitution say seattle prosecutors. >> is he saying, you know, it's insane. the police was stupid. >> reporter: but seattle police tell our seattle sister station harding was a person of interest in the murder of a 19- year-old woman there days before he was shot and killed in the bay view. >> show me the dna.
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>> reporter: a sense of anger has been brewing since the shooting, much of it captured on video, with bystanders saying he was unarnold. today police say ... >> at one point he turned and fired upon the officers under his arm. >> reporter: some in the bay view see that account as too farfetched. >> see how you run and shoot back under your arm and see how that turn out for you. >> reporter: but he uploaded video showing what he thought was the gun of harding. >> there was proof that there was a phone that fell. >> reporter: however, san francisco police say shot- spotter captured the entire shooting. 10 shots in total. they are certain the first shot came from harding. >> and that is gps-registered down to the mili second. >> reporter: others in the bay view accept harding may have fired at cops but say what this
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neighborhood can't accept -- >> what the people is really angry about is the way, after she was shot and laying down there bleeding viciously in front of everybody, that's what the uproar is about. >> i have been hearing a lot of stories. all i know is whatever it is, it has to stop, because more people will die. >> reporter: those bay view residents go on to say what ajamuers them the most about that shooting is that officers fired this to what they described as a busy plaza. as for the police, they say they have recovered a.45- caliber handgun but forensics testing is still under way which means, as of tonight, they have not linked that gun to harding. dana? >> in san francisco, robert liles, thank you. now to the dead gram a that has been going on in washington. americans don't seem to be particularly impressed with the performance of either party right now but don knapp shows us that, when it comes to what the debt ceiling deal should include, a majority of americans are agreeing with the president.
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>> reporter: on the debt ceiling, should it involve compromising? i'm not gonna give you a very good answer on this one. >> reporter: not everyone knows what the debt ceiling debate is all about or even what a debt ceiling is. what do you think a debt ceiling issue, what should be done? >> i think i, from what i understand about it anyway, it's -- we're borrowing money. >> reporter: sort of. and if the debt ceiling isn't raised dire financial consequences are predicted for just about everyone. president obama says he is trying to reach a really big deal with republicans. >> president obama we can't let politics stand in the way of doing the right thing in washington. >> reporter: but politics are standing in the way. who is to blame? in a new cbs poll 49% blame republicans for inaction, 29% think the president is responsible. a final deal will have to involve compromise, most americans say. 69% think president obama needs to compromise, 85% say
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republicans have to make concessions. only 11% say republicans should stick to their guns. last week house speaker john boehner said republicans won't budge on taxes. >> our stand on the debt limit has been clear. there can be no tax hikes because tax hikes destroy jobs. >> reporter: but the poll suggests most americans, including republicans, disagree. >> the higher taxes led to more cuts. >> high inner taxes and more cuts. >> reporter: according to the poll 66% believe any final deal should include a combination of spending cuts and tax increases. that includes 55% of republicans and 53% of tea party reporters. unless the debt ceiling is raised by august 2nd the federal government will run out of money. last year's deficit was $1.29 trillion, the total debt is $14.5 trillion, today the president said the two sides are making progress. >> it seems like the two sides are involved in a game of
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chicken, 2/3 66 2/3 are agreeing that they don't have the it. >> they have the ability to force this issue and they are taking it to the wall. >> el woo see how far they go with it. don knapp, thank you. merchants in one east bay steed are hoping that their online coupon program will testimony locals to spend their money in their hometown t concord's chamber of commerce is trying with try it to offer disdoubts of up to 90% on local restaurants and services. it's higher than most other coupons, the payoff is most of the money stays in concord. >> our businesses will gain new customers so it's a win-win for everybody. >> this is new so we're just waiting to see how it turns out. >> it's not clear if a small web site can compete with megasites like group on. other cities like stockton and campbell have tried similar sites and haven't done well against the competition. the concord chamber of commerce officials believe that they
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will succeed. other news making headlines around the bay area now. the coast guard continues to search forth a windsurfer who went missing near coyote point off the coast of foster city tonight. around 5:00 the 62-year-old woman told her husband she was going wind surfing and would be back in a half hour. search crews went out around 7:00 and a boat and helicopter were still looking for her late tonight. it appears more people in the bay area are going it alone during their commute. the census figures show santa clara county has seen a particularly large dealership in car pooling, it went from 14 to about 10% over 30 years. state-wide it has dropped from 17% to 12%. experts say one factor could be that more people work in the suburbs and not in the central downtown area. a question for you tonight. how long do you think you'll live? 70, 80, 90? longer? elizabeth cook with a new report that shows that we here in the bay area are doing quite
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welcome pared to the rest of the country. why is that liz? >> reporter: well, it could be for a lot of reasons, but the daily beast and the cdc determined the top 20 cities that live the longest. three bay area cities made the cut and only 1 made it on top. it's where i'm standing right now, san jose, where the average life expectancy for men is 79.2 years, for women it's 82.9. san francisco came in sixth with men 75.9 years old, women 82.5. oakland came in 15th, men living to 76.4 years, women 81.2. it could be the weather. >> it's always temperate here, very nice. you know, even during the winter it's not that cold. >> reporter: or the location. >> being three hours from just about anything you can do, snowing -- sorry -- snowboarding, surfing, running. >> reporter: or maybe it's the
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lifestyle. >> a lot of families are very family-friendly: >> reporter: people in san francisco live longer, the daily beast and cdc study looked at years worth of life span data. the majority of the spots, california having the most out of all the states. >> this is california, we have the beach, everybody wants to look decent, so we are healthier than others maybe. >> reporter: even tourists like matt guillen from ireland are basking in san jose's youthful glow. >> i'm not surprised people live longer because it's laid- back, relaxed, looks good, the place looks clean. >> reporter: they moved away from oregon and arizona and we both came back. >> reporter: according to the studies, the farther west you live the longer you're probably gonna live. a few cities from the midwest made the cut and only 2 from from the northeast were on that list. >> i want to find a city where men live to be 105. that's where i'm moving.
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in san jose, thank youy liz a bit. two bay area women arrested for a crime and it's all caught on tape. you're not gonna believe who they brought along with them. and looking forward to that martini after a hard day at the office? why it may not actually help you unwind after all. work can make you sick. literally. it is called sick building syndrome. how this building keeps its workers he,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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police say t well tonight two oakland women are behind bars accused of taking a 4 h month on hold baby on a crime spree. all caught on tape. raven stewart and her friend, lashay rodriguez, started breaking into cars in berkeley and emeryville at about noon last friday. officers caught them about 8:00 p.m. after a security camera captured one of the crimes in emeryville. police sent the women's pictures to local security firms and they were spotted trying to return some stolen items to a target store. >> women don't tend to be the ones that go around doing burglaries in the daytime. but what really through us for a loop is the fact they had a 4- month-old baby with them. >> that child was taken into protective custody and later turned over to another family member. the two women are scheduled to appear in court tomorrow. here is a stunning fact. americans spend 70 to 90% of their lives indoors. and for millions of workers, most of that time is spent at
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the office. elizabeth cook on what that can mean for your health. >> so it becomes a bit steal. >> they are talking about office air. >> there is a lot of talk about who controls the thermostat. >> how it can make you sick. >> one person gets sick it goes around to everyone else. >> reporter: they are not imagining it. millions of office workers suffer from building-related symptoms. >> 41% report at least 1 symptom that is related to their building and 20% report at least 3 symptoms. >> reporter: mark mandell with the state department of health says even though most symptoms are minor like headaches, kickoff and sniffles, some are more serious. >> they could range from asthma attacks, allergic responses, respiratory infections. >> reporter: what's causing it all? >> there's hundreds if not thousands of chemicals in offices. >> reporter: at the department's richmond lab they are analysing materials like partly board and firer board that a lot of furniture is made
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from to identify those chemicals. >> the one that's most well understood is formaldehyde and that is known to cause irritation at levels that are commonly found indoors. >> reporter: compounding it all, lack of fresh air. most office windows don't open. so you're at the mercy of the building's ventilation system. the e.p.a. estimates that 50% of all office buildings don't provide enough fresh air. just increasing ventilation rates would have a huge impact according to a new report out of the lawrence berkeley lab. >> we would reduce the average health impact and increase worker performance. >> reporter: bill fisk authored the study and says the economy would benefit too. >> the economic benefits from that would be 10 to $20 billion a year. the cost of doing it would be about 2/10ths of a billion dollars a year. >> reporter: bon building that is doing it right? the new department of education office in sacramento. >> this is truly a trend-setter for the state. >> reporter: bill ogden helped
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design it and took us on a tour. the experience starts at the front door where people coming in pass over a special great. what do these do? >> they clean the dirt and the other particulates off the bottom of your feet so you don't bring them into the building. >> reporter: but the big thing is the unique ventilation system. air comes in from the floor rather than the ceiling, and there is a vent in each cubicle. >> that allows each person to adjust the amount of air they are getting in their work space. most. >> reporter: most of the air is coming from the outside. this giant win do is supplying all the air for the entire building and all the air coming through here is filtered through these little help a filters. so all the things that cause sneezes and coughs are tick stopped right here. workers love it. >> the old building had a musty feeling but it has never felt that way here. >> reporter: since she moved into the building 5 years ago
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she has been sick a lot less. >> i think it's important for management and administration to have a strong part in providing a work environment that is healthy. >> reporter: elizabeth cook, cbs5. well if you had a long, hard day at work going to happy hour might not actually help you unwind. according to some experts who say that tossing back a few drinks after a stressful day can actually make you feel even worse. according to a small university of chicago study drinking alcohol while frazzled can affected the affect the way your body manages chavez they say that can actually keep you feeling tense long after the cocktails have worn off. >> the real happy hour is when the sun comes out. yes, sir. right roberta. >> eh. have the eh, ken bastida, i have a question for you. i have been asking why we have the crown jewel illuminated on
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top of the transamerica building. usually that is reserved for holidays. somebody is happy like dana king we have warmer weather coming our way. do you remember a year ago july was considered one of the coolest julys 2010s in 40 years. let's jump ahead to tomorrow. it is going to turn out to be a tad warmer but wednesday will be the warmest day of this workweek. we'll start your tuesday morning with the low clouds and fog extending well inland. the big differences with the clock we see the clouds peeling back over the bay by lunch hour and hanging out near the ocean touring the early afternoon hours before clearing out. and then they'll push back on shore again. just as they did tonight. and brian ewing, our very own photo journalist, captured this beautiful pictures of those low clouds sweeping back in towards the walnut creek area at mount diablo. thank you for that photograph. okay. we do have the environment hansment of the marine layer due to that low pressure
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spinning off the coast. 69 degrees in salsalito, yes you will have the sun. 60, 70s, closer you are to the bay, in east bay up to mid-80, 70sings, 80s peninsula. up from today's high of 80 degrees, wednesday will be the warmest of all and then really seasonal temperatures each and every day all the way through monday. monday. that is your pinpoint,,,,,,,,,,
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so, what are we going to do with this? i don't know. the usual? [ blower whirring ] sometimes it pays to switch things up. my - what, my hair?
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no. car insurance. i switched to progressive and they gave me discounts for the time i spent with my old company. saved a bunch. that's a reason to switch. big savings -- it's a good look for you. [ blower whirring ] [blower stops] the safety was off. out there with a better way. now, that's progressive. focus on the end of the shuttle >> the shuttle crew shut down the hatch, between them and the international space station, a lot of history going, a lot of focus on the end of the shuttle program. it's been credited with many achievements and greg mo ross oh in san francisco wants to know what are the top innovations and discoveries from the shuttle program. innovations/discoveries carroll bob company. bo as his friends call him, was there in the very beginning. >> yes, i was the pilot on the first flight of challenger, and
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then i was the commander on a flight of discovery, and the first flight of atlantis. >> we have main engine start. >> it was 1983 when he skippered challenger on its maiden voyage and says today, looking back, the innovations, the achievements for the shuttle program are just too numerous to mention. stuff we take for granted today like the heat tiles which allowed the craft to be reusable. >> they are more than 20,000 of those piles on the shuttle. >> he keeps one in his office as a souvenir. and then there was the shuttle's ability to lift heavy objects. >> the canadiens built a big robotic arm which allowed us to move very large pay loads in space. >> like the humble space telescope, components for the international space station both of wit which would not be in operates without shuttle. and, of course, the thousands of life science experiments that kept the astronauts busied. >> lots of smaller experiments that were typically flown inside or some even outside in
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the payload bay. you know, i always say that 500 people on the ground can keep 5 people in orbit really busy. >> go to click on "connect" to send me your good questions. who is the top hitting rookie in the major leagues? i'm dennis o'donnell and ho,,,,,
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house.. in anticipation of brian wilson's arrival, secret service well a week from today the giants will visit the white
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house in anticipation of brian wilson's arrival secret service agents are bolting down the painting of abraham lincoln. >> i think we'll have a pretty good idea. they are well-behaved. they may not look it but they are. ♪[ music ] >> i know he is a baseball fan, so it will be good to just meet him, and you know, for -- he made history when he made presidency and i think it's going to be a privilege to go out there and shake his hand. >> joe montana getting aftermath kemp as the giants hosted the dodgers. ryan vogelsong in some trouble in the fourth but starts the inning-ending double play. the all-star pitched 6 2/3 scoreless innings. lowered his e.r.a. to 2.0. that's the best in the national league. the bats woke up in the fourth. panda shot into the arcade, his ninth of the season, they are up 1-0. the way vogelsong is going, that's the effect. cody ross drives home two off chad billingsly. 4-0 giants, they score four in
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the inning and win 5-0. ryan vogelsong is now 7-1, they lead arizona by 3 1/2 in the west. a's broadcaster ken company rack put it best when describing rookie second baseman jemile weeks. he might not be the rookie of the year but he is the best rookie. weeks hit over .500 against the angels this weekend. not only is the brother -- is he the brother of brewers second baseman rickie weeks, his grandfather victor played in the negro leagues in the 1940s. i spoke with him about his grandfather on game day. >> i'm well aware of the things that those guys went through. how much it took you know for a man to just go out there and play baseball and to be the pride of so many athletes in the game and now for me to be able to go out here and play with anybody at any cost without any, nothing to hold back, you can't really imagine what it was really like to know that this group of guys that was deprived of major league access how good they were.
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sometimes we'll never know how good some guys were. >> very well put. top 5. world cup yesterday. at the united states first goal this kid that we're calling the chastain. >> the belly walk. >> i wonder what joe montana had to say after ken's catch in right? he robbed him of extra bases. no joe shot there. astros and nationals, angel sanchez starts it. using his glove as a shovel. number 2, melts and marlins, back to the infield. ruben tejada goes full extension to make the catch. marlins win the game. number 1 motocross in minnesota. ken did this ever happen to you? chad reed. >> ooh. that happened to me last wednesday. >> did it really? where were you going to so fast. >> i don't know but i came down with a thud. >> can you imagine being in mid- air and your bike is just too far to grab the handlebars, i mean, what do you do, right?
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you look for some grass or a softer landing. god bless those guys, i hope they make a lot of money ,, i know you're worried about making your savings last and having enough income when you retire. that's why i'm here -- to help come up with a plan and get you on the right path. i have more than a thousand fidelity experts working with me so that i can work one-on-one with you. it's your green line. but i'll be there every step of the way. call or come in and talk with us today.
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